Terra Translations’ Team to Present at CLINT 2019

As part of Terra’s ongoing commitment to improving the translation industry, our Human Resources Manager, Natalia Quintás, will be sharing her expertise at the second Translation Industry Conference in Latin America (CLINT, Congreso Latinoamericano de la Industria de la Traducción). Ten members of the Terra team will be attending the conference as well. The team’s goal is to take advantage of all the different sessions and share their gained knowledge with the rest of their colleagues when they come back.

The conference will take place at Universidad Siglo 21 on September 14th to the 15th, 2019, in Córdoba, Argentina. Professionals throughout the translation industry will come together to learn, grow, and celebrate the contributions Argentina has made to the translation industry worldwide. 

About the Event

The event is hosted by Translated in Argentina, which is the first non-profit association of language service companies and professionals in Latin America. Their objective is to promote the local language industry, provide resources, and build awareness within the Argentinian business environment. Translated in Argentina believes that translation businesses in Argentina deserve an opportunity for exchange, discussion, and promotion. 

About Natalia’s Presentation

Natalia is excited to share her perspective on managing high-performance teams during her presentation. She believes that recognizing your individual teammate’s strengths is the secret to running a thriving business, particularly when working remotely. Natalia describes a high-performance team as a diverse team with different strengths. This variety in skills is something Natalia sees as very valuable. 

During her presentation, she’ll outline some of the ways Terra helps its diverse team members succeed, “We work with a personality test called the Enneagram Test. It’s very new in Human Resources, but it’s very interesting because it describes nine types of personalities.” Utilizing the Enneagram Test is just one such tool at Terra’s disposal. Natalia hopes that her presentation will help others succeed with virtual teams, as Terra does. “I am very proud of the work we do at Terra. I think it’s very important to showcase why we shine in the industry and share our knowledge regarding virtual teams,” Natalia said. 

She is also planning to discuss professional competencies, explaining what they are and which are required in the translation industry, “I think that it can be interesting not only for managers, but also for translators,” Natalia noted. She is thrilled to have an opportunity to both present and attend the conference, “I am excited to meet more professionals in this diverse industry and to continue learning about the many complexities of the translation industry.” 

Natalia’s Goals

Natalia is excited for herself, as well as for others attending the Translation Industry Conference. “I hope that a lot of people can enjoy the conference, participate, ask questions, and dive deep into human resources issues.” She sees the tools the conference will provide as a way to improve both the skill set of human resources experts as well as make the workplace better for employees, “If they take a sincere interest in the topic and attend this masterclass, they will be more successful in this industry. I truly believe prioritizing your team’s needs and happiness is what makes the difference.”


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