A Year in Review 2022 with Terra

A Year in Review: 2022 with Terra

Every year our team likes to pause and reflect on some of our favorite moments from the past 12 months. Which is why we are so happy to report that 2022 had a lot of highlights. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top moments of the year, so we can all celebrate together.

“I’m so proud of what we accomplished as a team with Terra this year,” CEO of Terra Marina Ilari said, “What makes me most excited is the fact that we continue to work with our values of quality, inclusion, and team-spirit front and center of everything that we do!”

Now let’s spend some time together reflecting on 2022!

We Got New Branding

We started the year off on a strong note by finalizing Terra’s brand refresh. We felt a call to refresh our branding, as Terra evolved significantly over the past few years and deserved branding that illustrated that evolution. The main goal during this refresh process was to highlight our strong company culture and our commitment to partnership with our clients.

We Grew Our Team

Our team has grown so much in 2022 — by 97% to be exact! A significant part of that growth is thanks to our LQA work where we specialize in 13 different languages. We keep welcoming new members to the Terra family every day.

We Came Together

After two and a half years, we finally had our annual in-person event in Buenos Aires in August. It was a lovely weekend where we had the opportunity to meet people in person who we had only met on video calls and over digital chat. This event gave us a chance to get to know each other better thanks to team-building activities and a party joined by freelance linguists that collaborate with Terra on a regular basis.

We also had the chance to connect with each other and other industry colleagues by returning to industry conferences now that the world is opening up more. Members of our team attended:

We Achieved Certifications

At Terra, we pride ourselves on being a nice place to work and having a strong company culture. We went through the Great Place to Work (GPTW) certification process for a consecutive year and passed, seeing improvements in the overall results. This certification allows us to be considered for several rankings and during 2022 we ranked in the following (in our segment, which is up to 250 collaborators):

We also achieved a new honor and landed a spot on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America list. Our CEO Marina Ilari also received recognition as the CEO of one of the 19 fastest-growing LSPs.

We Gave Back

Giving back to our community is a value shared by everyone at Terra. In 2022 we continued our support through Terra Cares to organizations like Chicas en Tecnología, Doctors without Borders, and Asociación de Desarrolladores de Videojuegos Argentinos. Their projects amounted to 113,832 translated words in total. We look forward to all the exciting challenges and achievements that 2023 will surely bring and can’t wait to share how the year unfolded this time next year. From everyone at Terra, we wish you a healthy and happy new year!

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