Terra Participates in Scale Up Milwaukee’s “5 Questions With”

What is Scale Up Milwaukee?

With a mission to transform culture and spread inclusive economic prosperity, Scale Up Milwaukee is an accelerator program launched by the Greater Milwaukee Committee. The organization’s goal is to connect ambitious entrepreneurs with resources, tools, and a network that accelerates substantial growth. Diversity and inclusion is now fundamental value for many organizations. Scale Up promotes this ethos by providing greater access to information as well as an opportunity for businesses from various backgrounds to get the assets they need to succeed.

Proud Scale Up Member

As a thriving translation company in Wisconsin, Terra Translations is a member of Scale Up. Since joining the community in 2019, Terra participated in numerous events and one-on-one mentoring sessions. These bespoke experiences are designed to inspire and cultivate economic advancement within Milwaukee.  Members are challenged to go outside their comfort zones and discover new ways to approach their business goals; by sharing their fears and confronting difficulties, Scale Up members support one another. They also offer valuable best practices that have the potential to transform their businesses entirely. Even amid a global pandemic, the organization continues to host virtual events and provide beneficial content to its community. As many businesses have faced setbacks due to COVID, Scale Up members are sharing how they’ve learned to adapt and pivot through these unprecedented times.

Driving Diversity and Inclusion

Scale Up prides itself on creating inclusivity throughout the city of Milwaukee and beyond. One of the most obvious ways to achieve a more equitable and accessible business is through proper localization. There are over 55 million Spanish speakers in the U.S. alone illustrating the potential reach translation services can provide businesses. Additionally, studies have shown that 50-60 percent of consumers will not even consider purchasing from a company whose website is not available in their native or preferred language. Businesses may be missing out on potential customers simply by not educating themselves regarding these consumer behaviors and preferences.

“The major reason a company should consider translating at least their website, if not all of their written content, is pretty simple,” explained Colleen Beres, Director of Business Strategy at Terra. “It all comes down to the reach of your audience.”

If localized accurately, translated websites and collateral materials will often provide an unexpected return on investment as well as breed brand loyalty. But translation services in Milwaukee should go further than just offering multi languages via marketing channels. Localization is part of the customer experience. It’s important to create an inclusive space where what matters to your customer, matters to you.

“We all want to develop new relationships. The easiest way to do that is to speak the same language,” Colleen added. “Communication is an innate component of being human.”

While services like Google Translate feel like an accessible resource to employ for translation needs, proper localization of your materials should be left to professionals in order to properly resonate with the intended audience.

5 Questions with Terra Translations

Colleen recently participated in a Scale Up video series. The series is titled “5 Questions With,” in which Colleen offers insight to the Language Service Provider industry and explains why businesses might hire a translation service in Milwaukee versus utilizing software like Google Translate.

In the video, Colleen answers the following questions, shares an impressive case study from Amtrak, and offers a complimentary one-hour consultation to Scale Up members:

1. Why should I use translation in my business? 

2. If I use translation, should I have a bilingual staff?

3. Why should I use a service provider over an engine like Google Translate?

4. What kind of ROI can I expect from using translation?

5. I’m interested in translation, but where do I start?


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