Our Biggest Learning Lessons from memoQfest International

As a part of Terra Translations’ commitment to continuous learning, Operations Manager  Santiago Lávaque recently attended memoQfest International in Budapest, Hungary. memoQ is a leading translation software company founded by three language technologists. The event took place over three days and covered a variety of topics relating to how to best utilize memoQ tools, as well as advice on best practices regarding translation workflows. Santiago walked away from this event with valuable knowledge that he has shared with our team. 

What is memoQfest International?

The memoQfest International is an event organized by the translation software company memoQ. The 11th edition of this international conference had more than 250 attendees from 41 countries. Santiago had the opportunity to attend memoQ master classes during the event. He attended four sessions in which he learned about topics relating to memoQ and translation workflow. Such as:

  • Map Workflow processes aimed at identifying an organization’s main clients and to establish automation processes with the help of memoQ.
  • Translation workflow automation in the corporate environment. Plus, the advantages of using memoQ’s templates.
  • File filter settings and the advanced use of importation for memoQ’s files.
  • Machine Translation workflow implementation in frequent translation processes.

There were many other lectures to choose from on a range of subjects. From artificial intelligence to memoQ functionality. And terminology management tools to social media marketing. There were also guest lectures in the evening that focused on all the new features memoQ is working on. If you’re curious about the content of each lecture, you can find more information here.

The Takeaways

The three day event was learning intensive and provided plenty of opportunity to walk away with important lessons. Santiago has always appreciated the power of this tool, but his appreciation has grown even further after attending memoQfest International“We should continue to utilize all the different features that the tool has to offer,” he noted. 

He believes we should continue to implement tools that will help us avoid human error, while speeding up our processes at the same time. Since memoQ allows us to update our terminology in every project we work on, and build our resources for each account, it leads us to get better results for our clients when working with an array of different specialties and requirements.

Overall, Santiago found a lot of value in the event. “A mine of information was shared during the meetings, and I was able to learn from each of the sessions I attended. I came back with many clues on the things we can do and learn,” Santiago said. The opportunity to connect with others in his field was also important to Santiago. “It was a very inspiring and useful event. I learned not only about memoQ and all its features, but also and even more importantly, I connected with people in the industry. To know their experiences and perspectives, share how our processes look alike, and how they differ. And other participants’ experiences gave me ideas to put in practice. So we can further improve the way we work,” Santiago reflected.

What’s Next

Santiago, as did many other guests, hoped there would be an official launch of the new memoQ 9.0 at the event. But unfortunately that was not the case. The new version launched a few days after the event and more info about it is available here. Our team is optimistic that their new project management, machine translation, document importing, and quality assurance features will help us improve our productivity and the quality of our work!

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